Welcome to our dental office website. My name is Eric Opsvig, and I'd like you to know that I am a dentist who truly loves his profession. It includes all of the hobbies and skills I have been passionate about since my childhood-- creating art, building, restoring, refining and perfecting my creations. Combine that with a natural desire to work in the health field, and there you have it… a perfect vocation for Eric Opsvig!

It was during my first year of dental school that I started shaping the dream I had for my future dental practice. I knew I wanted to keep it small, I knew it was important for me to personally know each patient, and I was determined to provide the highest quality of dental care possible.

mount si "Mount Si" © Courtney Cutchins 2011
Now, twenty-six years later, I am grateful to be able to say that I am living my dream. We are a three-operatory office with a staff of four. I use the highest quality dental labs, and we see one patient at a time. Consequently, our office provides a quiet, warm and relaxed atmosphere for our patients.